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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Effort to Follow Bush Policy Could Cost 1,708 Federal Jobs

Piratization of the parks is another Bush initiative. Wonder how many of the companies he has in mind are connected with the 'good 'ol boys'?

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Reminded of the song 'I am the eye in the sky, looking at you.... Interesting site. Thanks, Isabella.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Listening to our esteemed House debating new bills, I just had to chuckle. Who comes up with these names?
"Operation Respect", an offshoot of which would be the 'Don't Laugh At Me Program'...

The House debate followed Tom Ridge, talking about Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Homeland Security...I can almost see a SNL skit with Christopher Walken dancing to a 'Fatboy Slim' in parody...'an Operation this, and an Operation that...'

Ridge: "This is a real chore...uh... a real challenge."

Ronald McDonald burned in effigy. (This if from About.com, so watch out for those 'pop-ups'.)

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Bush Family Values Photo Album

Friday, April 18, 2003

Mike Hawash is just one victim of the Patriot Act

Arab television shows video of Saddam

"With Saddam Hussein defeated and the war winding down, where are all those weapons of mass destruction?"

In other words, the inspections were working, something the UN inspectors were insisting just two weeks before the war started.

I have several concerns over what is happening in Iraq.
The police force is 'coming back' into service; the same officers that served Saddam. Is this wise?
Prisoners underground are being ignored. No one is looking for them. If we went in to 'free' the Iraqi's, shouldn't that be a priority?

Bad enough to have Saddam's former henchmen policing the country, the new governor:
Mashaan al-Juburi, a former journalist with the newspaper of Saddam Hussein's ruling Baath party.

We have no good or valid excuses for allowing this, killing civilians, nor for allowing the rampant looting that is going on.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

'Farenheit 451'

Aside from the looting of the Museum, is the damage and burning of the library in Baghdad.


Wednesday, April 16, 2003



New laws require owners to 'go green'ABCNEWS.com : Tokyo's New Buildings Going Green

Discovery Channel :: Explore Tokyo's Sky City

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Apparently Bush put the Kebash on Rumsfeld's plans to go after Syria militarily...Thanks to Glen Ford for pointing this out.

Monday, April 14, 2003

The Multi-Million Dollar Deal.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

WorldNetDaily: 7 missing U.S. soldiers found alive

Some old news, but interesting. WorldNetDaily: Israel plans water pipeline from Turkey

Spoils of War

ReliefWeb: Water under siege in Iraq: US/UK military forces risk committing war crimes by depriving civilians of safe water

Mr Nicholson said the water was not reaching the neediest people and that, amid the chaos, profiteers have been exploiting the situation, selling 20 litres of water for 250-300 Iraqi dinars - a lot for the average Iraqi.

From ICRC Iraq: Daily bulletin – 13 April 2003

NY Daily News - News - Brits win water fight
"...He said selling water was meant to nudge the Iraqis into free-market practices 'so that they don't get used to a welfare system.'"

Water, water everywhere...

Disaster News Network: Iraqi aid focuses on water" Danielsen also reported that people with tanker trucks were driving around the city and selling water for extremely high prices."

"The problem isn't the lack of water in Umm Qasr," said Tammie Willcuts, director of the Save the Children office in Kuwait. "The problem is in delivering it to residents who need it most. Right now most people have to pay for water from truckers who are selling it."

Save the Children Enters Iraq "Residents added that truckers selling water are the major source of clean water inside the city, and that most residents could not afford the fees."

Tsk,tsk, tsk. Shame on you, Saddam! NY Daily News - front - A Shag-dad love pad

Bush plan: "Clear Skies Initiative" Clean Air Trust Scary.

Joel posted a comment about water being sold to the Iraqi's. Bad form.

Find a shopping guide for companies that do not test on animals here.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

“The coalition destroyed my home,” she says. “But I’m not angry.”

Friday, April 11, 2003

Not a bad idea if you can get the Iraqi's to go for it. Diane, of Letter from Gotham suggests Rudy Giuliani as Mayor of Baghdad. Run, Rudy, Run!

Some beautiful photos.

'I saw the news today, oh, boy...' A report said the first baby born in Baghdad since the city has been 'taken' was named 'George' in honor of George Bush. Bet he's proud of that! Probably didn't quite expect people to be quite that grateful.

I hope the looting gets under control soon. There are reports that even hospitals are being robbed.

I'd also like to see a better method of dispensing the food & supplies. Having a 'free-for-all' doesn't benefit the people that need it the most.

Bring in the U.N!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Politicians allow 'smoking guns'

Statue of Saddam Hussein said to be on eBay according to the 'Tallahassee Democrat'.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I know it's war an all, but this guy isn't very 'Politically Correct'.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Why are we repeating history?

Stupid--potentially deadly error.

Monday, April 07, 2003

This from LT SMASH Hide and Seek
Q: Where did Saddam hide his chemical weapons?
A: In the Euphrates River.

Listening to the radio on the drive home from taking my son back to school, I tuned in to Coast to Coast with host Barbara Simpson interviewing Amy Waters Yarsinske. It was quite revealing and disturbing, yet not suprising. Our government knowingly left Prisoner's of War behind in our last action in the Gulf.

Tracking this explosive story for the past eight years, Amy Yarsinske interviewed top government and military officials, diplomats, pilots, informers, and Iraqi defectors. The result is a stunning true account of the denials and cover-ups that obscured an essential fact: Speicher actually survived.

We hear much talk of 'supporting our troops' from the very people who do so little for them. The government willingly sends our citizens into battle, but comes up short when it's time to compensate with Veteran's benefits, and owning up to their responsibililties or mistakes.

The issues with Gulf War Syndrome and broken promises are but a few items that need to be reconciled.

It's time for our politicians to step up to the plate and honor those who go into battle by standing by them when and if they return from war.

Saturday, April 05, 2003


"The hoarding of similar-looking bags, referred to by the CIA as “weapons of mass confusion,” is in clear violation of international law, lost luggage legal experts said today."

The comments by Powell are particularly disturbing.

"We will commit a non-conventional act on them, not necessarily military."

Wonder just what they've got up their sleeves? I won't be suprised if the dams are all unleashed.

I keep having the sinking feeling that the bravado the U.S. is showing will soon come crumbling down. It's been 'too easy'. Why do you suppose the troops have been able to 'waltz' right in to Baghdad? Sure, there have been some setbacks and there's been talk that this isn't quite the 'cakewalk' that was anticipated; yet, it has been relatively 'easy'.

"Welcome to my lair"?

What price, war? Beyond the humanitarian issues are the realities that we will be paying for these weapons well into retirement. As we drop the bombs and fire the bullets the cash register is ringing up orders for replacements. "There's No Business Like War Business".

The U.S. view of how POW's should be treated: "We don't kick the [expletive] out of them," one official told The Washington Post. "We send them to other countries so they can kick the [expletive] out of them."

Where do these people come from? "This war will enhance the place of America in the world for the coming generation, Krauthammer says."

Iraq Watch has some useful and interesting information.

Christopher Allbritton has been making a grueling journey through the mountains of Iraq, and despite his fatigue found the gumption to log another entry.

More civil rights being eroded? So much for the right to assemble...

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Now, I'm not a great fan of Geraldo Rivera, but it seems the double standards are being applied again in his expulsion from Iraq. Not having a detailed map with detailed circles and arrows showing troop movements, he drew some lines in the sand indicating troop movement. The major news channels have their retired generals and fancy maps, 'with circles and arrows and a paragraph on...each one'...why doesn't the same rule apply to them?

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