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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Is Bush Bipolar?

How true!

Well, it's looking like the pneumonia deaths of soldiers is yet another cover up. It seems that no matter where I turn, there is lie upon lie by this administration.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Now this is just plain depressing! The Bush administration opens the door for industrial polluters, sanctioning tons of airborn pollutants. Couple that with the $480 billion deficit and the jobless rate, and we'll be sick, poor, and unable to afford medical insurance. Meanwhile, these people are all getting richer at our expense.

Here's a good opinion piece on the Al Franken fiasco.

Planet of the Apes? Stuart Newman applied for a patent in 1998, and plans to appeal patent rejections to the Supreme Court. Interviewed on Bloodlines, Newman stated that his purpose was to create debate and to 'see how far it would go'.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

"Samuel L. Katz wants to make a profit center out of you."

"Never before in the history of this country has the travel of free citizens been contingent on government permission. In the old Soviet Union, you had to have permission to travel between towns and provinces. Leaving the country was next to impossible. This is still the case in countries like North Korea, China and Cuba.

Some Americans, whether out of fear or apathy, may dismiss this as 'just something the government is doing to protect us' but this action goes far beyond what any thinking citizen of these United States of America should consider reasonable.

The time has come for Americans to stand up for our freedom."

Courtesy of 'Don't Spy On Us'.

Catch 22. Yet another frivolous lawsuit. For the record, my new Trademark is Cookies(TM)

More required reading over at Baghdad Burning. Heart wrenching.

Fox keeps up with their name calling as they drop the lawsuit against Al Franken. I think Riverbend has come up with a perfect slogan: "If I want to hear what Fox News has to say, I’ll watch it."

My guess is they're dropping the suit because they know they don't stand a chance and they've gotten wind of the fun being poked at them as a result of their actions.

Monday, August 25, 2003

This is outrageous! This must be what he was referring to the countless times Bush has said, "We've rounded up or otherwise dealt with persons of interest."

"You don't hear much about them or see their faces very often, but you should. Planes land at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington every night bringing these American soldiers home from Iraq the hard way." A report from Charleston.net states: "More than 1,000 injured American soldiers have flowed through Walter Reed since the war in Iraq began, and another 300 have arrived from the continuing conflict in Afghanistan since it began in October 2001."

A little late picking this up, but they've found the WMD...

This is interesting. "World Facts about Iraq & USA 2003"

Another PI writer, Hubert G. Locke, calls for cutting our losses and leaving Iraq altogether.
Not likely, but he brings up some good points.

Another gem from Rumsfeld, on 'Serving in the White House': "Learn to say 'I don't know.' If used when appropriate, it will be often."

"As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know." Department of Defense news briefing (Feb 12, 2002)

The Seattle PI editorial board says it's time to fire Rumsfeld.

"Reduce the layers of management. They put distance between the top of an organization and the customers."

"Prune--prune businesses, products, activities, people. Do it annually."

Rumsfeld's Rules

Police are present on the streets of the capital but they are Out-gunned and outnumbered.

So ends the traffic security report in the Baghdad paper, Iraq Today.

“Carjacking is rife in the capital. Do not walk around the streets with bags or mobile/satellite phones.” They warn. Even if one takes the precaution of traveling in a large convoy, armed bandits are stopping them. So much for ‘safety in numbers’; the next time you are irked because of being slowed by construction or a traffic jam during rush hour, count your blessings.

The coroners in Baghdad are overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the bodies that are inundating the Institute of Forensic Medicine. “Five coroners distributed along the five benches of the morgue are barely able to keep up.” Sarmad S. Ali reports. “"Neither during the war nor during the previous two wars has this happened," said Dr. Qais Hassan Salman, a specialist in forensic medicine at the Institute. ‘The number of dead is absolutely unbelievable, and I'm just speaking of Baghdad alone. God knows what's happening elsewhere." Coalition officials have claimed that Baghdad's crime rates are comparable to any major US city. But in fact, judging by coroner's reports, the Iraqi capital's homicide rate exceeds that of even the most violent American cities several times over…In June of this year, 626 people died from bullet wounds; in July the number was 734. In contrast, there were only about 50 homicides per month in New York City in 2002.”

Why do I have to read an Iraqi paper to learn this? Why is most of our media silent on these issues?

A quick search of Google brings up the following story from April, that celebrates, "For American troops, this is the safest generation...Operation Iraqi Freedom illustrates how the United States has forged an era that is closer to bloodless war -- for U.S. combat troops, at least..."

We are fighting a ‘bloodless’ war indeed.

"The oil can is mightier than the sword" (Senator Everett Dirkson, (R-IL). From Rumsfeld's Rules.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Bush or Chimp?
we cut and paste,YOUdecide

Score one for Al! "We don't care if it's Al Franken or Al Lewis or Weird Al Yankovic. We're here to protect our trademark and our talent," said Paul Schur, a Fox spokesman, after the hearing.

Please! What talent? In the name of 'research' I forced myself to actually watch some of their 'news'casts, but became so nauseated I couldn't stand it anymore.

New theme song for Fox: "You're So Vain".

Remember the song about the signs?

I read Joe Conason's latest, "Regulation-Haters Spreading More Lies" and it came to mind.

Lies, lies, everywhere a lie...


The four moms—Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Mindy Kleinberg and Lorie van Auken have taken on more than city hall, they've gone for the 'Big Kahuna'. These brave women have launched an investigation into the events surrounding 9/11, much to the chagrin of the Commanders in Chief. Gail Sheehy, in her column for the 'New York Observer' writes, "So afraid is the Bush administration of what could be revealed by inquiries into its failures to protect Americans from terrorist attack, it is unabashedly using Kremlin tactics to muzzle members of Congress and thwart the current federal commission investigating the failures of Sept. 11. But there is at least one force that the administration cannot scare off or shut up. They call themselves 'Just Four Moms from New Jersey,' or simply 'the girls.'"

Hats off to
All Hat No Cattle for the heads up on this story.

I wanted to look up some information on the human skeleton, and when I typed the word into the Google search engine, the first two hits were about George Bush Jr. and the 'skeletons' in his closet...he was suspended from flying after 'failure to accomplish annual medical examination.' The main site is here.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Mark Fiore has some refreshing views of current political events, from 'Recall Island' to Wartime Action Figures for the kids!

Jerry has posted this refreshing tutorial over at The O'Reilly Master Spin Technique in 20 Easy Steps The Poison Kitchen.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Here's a link to a 'Virtual Fridge' where you can create poems for Bumbershoot.

Another article on the Bush recall effort.

Madeleine Begun Kane has some refreshing views, and her site is the birthplace of the Fair and Balanced song.

An interesting take on how the White House is behind the recall in California and pushing for that cartoon character, AAS for governor.

Here's Gallagher's platform in the race for Governor of California.

Caugh a snippet on the news about a group wanting to recall Bush under the 'Fair and Balanced Act."

And while the regular troops sweat it out, "The Commander emphasizes this danger by explaining to us that he has only been out for dinner with his wife four times. And such is the concern, that if soldiers leave Camp Doha for a night of shopping or dinner, and are caught they will be subjected to counseling, one way tickets home, and will need to find a new job."

We'll have to make the official Bush administration song 'Here We Go Again'..."FirstEnergy executives rank among the Bush campaign’s top fundraisers...The immediate cause of the largest blackout in U.S. history is being traced to FirstEnergy, the Akron, Ohio, energy giant that is a product of the merger of seven utilities: Toledo Edison, Cleveland Electric, Ohio Edison, Pennsylvania Power, Pennsylvania Electric, Metropolitan Edison and Jersey Central Power & Light."

Got this from Hackworth.

Executive Order 13303 states categorically that "any attachment, judgment, decree, lien, execution, garnishment, or other judicial process is prohibited, and shall be deemed null and void," with respect to the Development Fund for Iraq and "all Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein."

In the short term, through the Development Fund and the Export-Import Bank programs, the Iraqi peoples’ oil will finance U.S. corporate entrees into Iraq. In the long term, Executive Order 13303 protects anything those corporations do to seize control of Iraq’s oil, from the point of production to the gas pump - and places oil companies above the rule of law.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" would make a fitting caption to this Bush photo.

Our own Maria Cantwell had a close call. If her plane hadn't been delayed, she would have been meeting with Sergio Vieira de Mello.

If you're in for a good laugh, go over to Findlaw and read the lawsuit filed by Fox against Al Franken. "Moreover, since Franken's reputation as a political commentator is not of the same caliber as the stellar reputations of FNC'S on air talent, any association between Franken and Fox news is likely to blur or tarnish Fox News' distinctive mark..."

Here's some 'stellar' reporting from 'Fox & Friends' (does NBC have a case here?)

Commenting on Arnold, Steve says: "Like he has time to watch 'Pumping Iron'. I understand at his house it's stuck on 'Bravo'. (mutters) 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'.

Reporters in he field: "Back to you guys." "Back to you guys in New York."

Talking about the bombing in Iraq and the death of Mello, Edie says: "Paul Bremer, the guy for the adminitration heading up things in Iraq..." and on Mello, "This guy, what a diplomat he was." "Those guys at the UN were bringing in food..."

In reference to the latest suicide bomber in Israel, Steve says: "Here's what's frustrating for me about this guy. He was a high school teacher and his students got the message. His message involved a Bible and a gun." (I think that was a Koran, Steve.

"We have one final Talking Point..." (Again, they'll be giving Arnold some free publicity)...."He's a natural guy."

I'm puzzling over the fact that the principal places of business are listed as being in New York, the suit is filed in New York, yet Fox states that they are under the laws of Delaware...what gives?

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Some good information on the blackout.

Paul Newman speaks out, thanking Fox for their inspiration.

What's wrong with this picture?

Kudos to Blah3 for pointing toward this... (Scroll down to the 8/16 entry)

Keep it up, Fox, show us how professional you are!

California candidate Arnold met privately with Ken Lay, "at which Lay reportedly presented his vision of solving the state's energy deregulation crisis by, absurd as it sounds, expanding deregulation."

There are some other links here and here.

Another bombing, in Iraq.

I will be looking forward to the report from Maria Cantwell, who will be going to the Middle East this week.

Monitoring U.S. Military and Reconstruction Efforts in the Middle East

This week, I am joining a Congressional delegation to the Middle East to support U.S. troops and to monitor reconstruction efforts in the region. I hope to see first hand the challenges our troops face in the region. It is imperative to make sure the U.S. is making good on its commitment to rebuild Iraq. A secure and stable Middle East will strengthen our national security.

The Middle East tour includes stops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and Pakistan. I am traveling with a bipartisan delegation led by Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

In preparation for my trip, my staff met with various Washington state groups and organizations to hear their questions and concerns. Like me, these organizations are concerned about the safety of U.S. troops and the current infrastructure needs - like access to water and electricity - in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will provide you with a full report when I return.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Terrorists in office? Joel points to the councilman who wishes he had a 'dirty bomb' so he could 'eliminate liberals', and one who wants the police to 'cap' the members of the Human Relations Commission in Fresno.

You can read the messages and see how your tax dollars are being spent here.

It was like watching an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone”. I hope I don’t have nightmares from it.

The man standing behind the podium kept picking at his nose and ears. So much so, that he had red splotches covering his face, while exhibiting his ‘superior’ knowledge as he lectured his young audience about the evils of such“Anti-American lunatics” as Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn.

“Leftists invent injustices and use them for cannon fodder”, he extolled. “Your academic freedoms are being violated. Universities are a subsidiary of the Democratic Party….stuffing left wing ideas down your throat. It’s like being in a foreign country and being persecuted as an immigrant…These professors work 9 hours a week and get six figure incomes…Everything wrong with America is because of the Democratic Party…what liberals care about is hard drugs, sex and spending other people’s money… Calling liberals ‘Islamo-fascists’, yet insisting that “diversity is crucial to academic learning”, he was speaking at the College Republican National Convention, (which had many empty seats, by the way.)
We are being violated we don’t have a presence on campuses. There are no Conservative schools.”

Now wait a minute! Where have I been? This is David Horowitz talking…am I hearing this right? I really have entered some other-worldly realm here. I somehow missed this radical change of his, from left to right; in an article expressing his new ‘right wing’ views, he insists that he was no ‘lunatic’.

“As New Leftists, my fellow editors and I may have been arrogant, irresponsible and reckless, but we were not crazy.”

I see that he 'converted' in the '80's when I was busy raising my child and not paying as much attention to the news as I had before...

I see that he is still 'arrogant, irresponsible and reckless' and was suprised to see that his sparse audience gave this nose picker a standing ovation at the end of his 'speech'.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Here is a letter written by Matan Kaminer, who faces up to three years in prison for refusing to serve in the Israeli army.

This is how our returning soldiers are helped treated when they need medical attention.

"More than 110,000 veterans are waiting six months or more for their initial visit with a VA doctor or to see a specialist, the VA acknowledges."

An 11 year old child, Sufian, was held prisoner for 24 days in Iraq.

"Sufian's detention highlights the problems faced by hundreds of Iraqis: arrests followed by incompetent interrogation, or none at all; the lack of an efficient trial-or-release system; shocking prison conditions; constant buck-passing; and sloppy paperwork by the coalition authorities. The result is that in almost every case families take weeks or months to find out where their loved ones are being detained."

Friday, August 15, 2003

Tom Walker over at Maxspeak points to a well written column by Greg Palast, concerning the reasons behind this power outage. Didn't hear any of that on Fox!

Fair (fer) adj. [Me,(OE faeger, akin to FAIN, Goth, fagro, apt, fit) IE. Base *pek-to be content, whence Lith. Puosiu, to ornament]
1. attractive; beautiful; lovely
2. 2. unblemished; clean [a fair name]
3. [notion that dark coloring was foul] light in color; blond [fair hair]
4. clear and sunny; free from storm or the threat of storm
5. easy to read; clear [a fair hand]
6. just and honest; impartial; unprejudiced; specif., free from discrimination based on race, religion, sex etc. [fair employment practices, fair housing]
7. according to the rules [a fair blow]
8. likely; promising; advantageous [he is in a fair way to make money]
9. pleasant and courteous
10. favorable; helpful [a fair wind]
11. of moderately good size [a fair fortune]
12. neither very bad nor very good; average [in fair condition]
13. apparently favorable but really false; specious [fair words]
14. [Archaic] without obstacles; clear and open [a fair road] –n. 1. [ond.] beauty 2. [Archaic] a woman 3. [Archaic] something fair or good
-adv. 1. in a fair manner 2. straight, squarely [struck fair in the face] -vt. to give a smooth or streamlined surface to.
fair and square [colloq.] with justice and honesty
fair to middling [colloq.] moderately good; passable

fairness n.
SYN -fair, the general word, implies the treating of both or all sides alike without reference to one’s own feelings or interests [a fair exchange]; just implies adherence to a standard of rightness or lawfulness without reference to one’s own inclinations [ a just decision]; impartial and unbiased both imply freedom from prejudice for or against any side [an impartial chairman, an unbiased account]; dispassionate implies the absence of passion or strong emotion, hence connotes cool, disinterested judgment [a dispassionate critic]; objective implies a viewing of persons or things without reference to oneself, one’s interests, etc. [an objective newspaper]; see also BEAUTIFUL -ANT. prejudiced, biased

1. to weigh in or as in a balance
2. to compare as to relative importance, value, etc.
3. to counterpoise or counteract; make up for; offset
4. to bring into or keep in a state of equilibrium or equipoise; keep steady; poise [to balance oneself on stilts]
5. to bring into proportion, harmony, etc.
6. to make or be proportionate to; make or be equal to in weight, force, effect, etc.
7. to find any difference which may exist between the debit and credit sides of (an account); also, to settle (an account) by paying debts
8. Dancing to move toward and then back from (a partner) -vi. 1. to be in equilibrium 2. to be equal in value, weight, etc. 3. to have the credit and debit sides equal to each other 4. to waver slightly; tilt and return to equilibrium 5. Dancing to balance partners-SYN see REMAINDER, SYMMETRY - in the balance, in a critical, undecided state -on balance considering everything; all in all

from the 2nd College edition of the New World Dictionary

Given the above definitions, I would have to say that Fox is not fair and balanced; I forced myself to watch today, and most of their coverage has been about the power outage, at the exclusion of other events in the world. I have listened to Fox commentators give their scathing opinions on matters, ad nauseum.

At one point this power outage was blamed on enviromentalists: "This whole thing has been held up by opposition to drilling in that God Forsaken wilderness in Alaska."

I fail to see what is fair and balanced in that statement.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Why isn't Halliburton being held accountable for this fiasco?

"Canadian David Hudak sits in a New Mexico jail cell, accused of stockpiling U.S.-made missile warheads...Halliburton offered the warheads as legal "demolition charges," rather than government-owned military arms that he could not legally possess....Halliburton offered them at a bargain basement price of about $1 each."

This morning Fox reported that there are 135 candidates confirmed to run for Governor of California. (Here's the list.) They then spent about 10 minutes in the same program focused on one celebrity. There was no equal time for the other 134 candidates. How this can be construed to be 'Fair and Balanced' is beyond my comprehension.

"You have been called to fight the First War of the 21st Century."

George W. Bush speaking to troops in Miramor, CA

How many more does he plan?

"Wherever our allies...Al Queda hides, we will find them."

"The Iraqi people themselves, are now seeing a new day....the Iraqi people no longer have to fear a secret police."

No, like G. and so many others, they will be openly beaten by our troops.

"In many places, water and other services are back to prewar levels."
Did you folks in Basra get that?

"For the first time a free press is operating in Iraq."

So that's why Iraqi citizens are denied entrance to press conferences? "The reporters of Iraq Today were not allowed to get to the press conference and they went ballistic. "This is my friggin' government, what do you mean I can't get in?" My sentiments exactly. Keep this image in your head: an American officer stopping you, an Iraqi, from attending the press conference your government is holding."

"G. my friend got beaten up by US Army last night, he was handcuffed and had a bag put on his head. he was kicked several times and was made to lie on his face for a while. All he wanted to do was to take pictures and report on an attack, he works for the New York Times as a translator and fixer. He got more kicks for speaking english."

Is that the 'free' press that you laud, Mr. Bush?

"We are keeping our word to the Iraqi people. The Weapons of Mass Destruction will be found. A free Iraq will help to rid the Middle East of violent resentment. Our actions in Iraq are part of a duty we're accepting across the world."

"Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interest in the Gulf as Iraq has. And even should U.S.-Iranian relations improve, retaining forward-based forces in the region would still be an essential element in U.S. security strategy given the longstanding American interests in the region."

Pax Americana.

It's only $1495. for 22 issues. It's the "Iraq Reconstruction Report".

Salam Pax has a chilling account in his column about how overheated things are in Iraq. He's also got a book coming out in September!

On a sad note, his friend G. was beaten by our troops. I didn't hear any fair and balanced reports from Fox about this.

Al Franken's response to Fox.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I listened to William Rivers Pitt when he spoke to the Veterans for Peace Convention in San Francisco, and he has many interesting points. Pitt is the author of "War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know".

A Fair and Balanced campaign for free speech.

Currently, America's media giants are planning the equivalent of a 19th-century land grab in cyberspace to ensure they will profit mightily in the 21st century. Metering data transmissions and monitoring content is how they will get there. And the tools and political climate to achieve this are here.

It comes to this. "We were calling out to them, 'Stop, stop, we are a family', but they kept on shooting...."But in this city Iraqi civilians still die needlessly almost every day at the hands of nervous, trigger-happy American soldiers.

Monday, August 11, 2003

They were talking about Gregory Hines in the past tense last night, just as I was dozing off. I always loved his dancing.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Rumsfeld shakes up the Army.

Oh-ho, the Veri Chip Wagon is a-comin' down the street, Oh don’t let it be for me!

Patriot Act II draft.

Care to have your photo taken the next time you're out shopping? You just may, and subsequently be tracked, whether you know it or not. At the razor's edge, Gillette has been cutting deals with retailers to introduce this concept to store shelves.

"...customers might not infer from this information that these cameras are being used to take a digital photo of them each time they lift a Gillette razorblade from the store's shelf - it only takes one to prompt the camera - and again when they present the pack at the checkout. Tesco says that the photos are "temporarily stored", but does not specify for how long. However, Smart Labels Analyst magazine explains that this system enables the store to 'blacklist certain shoppers and keep an eye on them'."

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Some interesting & funny takes on the old "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Matrix: not the movie.

From drug smuggling to working for the Department of Justice. Only in America...

Yeah, right! "The Pentagon has said that is a security precaution, and that none of the information would be used by military prosecutors."

Israeli officials reject idea of permanent cease-fire

Hmmm. "Pneumonia is a feature of the visceral leishmaniasis disease process;" ... Yikes! "The causative parasite invades the spleen, liver, bone marrow, lymph nodes and skin. After an incubation period of 2-6 months, symptoms appear with fever, dizziness, weakness and weight loss. If left untreated, this infection can become chronic and result in complications and infections such as pneumonia and can lead to death."

Could the mysterious pneumonia hitting our troops be Legionnaires' disease? Our soldiers are breathing in tons of sand, washing themselves with water from latrines, and have a problem getting fresh water. There are complications from potting soil, perhaps sand is a culprit as well. What other health risks are our men facing? Lt. Smash notes that sand fleas are biting with relish. Complications from these bites plagued the troops during the Gulf War.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

A soldier writes to Soldiers for the Truth:
"I have witnessed several "higher ups" in my particular unit with private shower facilities, private porta-johns, and ice chests full of bottled water and potable ice in their immediate work areas while their subordinates (meaning the soldiers) are struggling every day to get a cold bottle of water. These very same senior soldiers are living in an air conditioned room while their soldiers are trying, in vain, to keep mosquitoes from consuming them nightly, and using hoses from an Iraqi latrine stall to get water enough to maintain their hygienic needs."

Saturday, August 02, 2003

After signing a letter that was sent to Presidential candidates, I've been receiving spam...er... email messages from Dick Gephardt. In the latest missive, I was suprised to learn that signs can wave.

"Dick Gephardt visited South Carolina last week, where he was greeted by 'cheers and waving signs'..."

Friday, August 01, 2003

Detailed fact-sheet on separation wall.

Human rights impact of the wall report by Israeli human rights group.

Stonewalling the Peace Process

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