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Monday, July 19, 2004


Indictments by the US and France, will force Dick Cheney to resign as VP, citing "health reasons," before the Republican convention and a frenetic search for a new VP candidate is already underway.

A confidential White House Counsel report warns that Cheney has violated both the “spirit and intent” of Federal Conflict of Interest laws, and that pending indictments from a French court will have “serious legal implications.”

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Dear Friends 

Dear Friends,
When you pause to realize that the next President may fill four vacancies on a frequently divided 5-4 Court on crucial issues, read Marjorie Cohen's article and you may feel a stirring to become more active in this election than many of us have been in the past. We need to do more than cast our own vote; we need to help registration drives, we need to help folks get to the polls, we need to promise ourselves that no friend, relative, or neighbor vegs out this election but casts a vote for Kerry-Edwards and the future of the Supreme Court for decades to come. More silent than economic or war issues, the composition of the Supreme Court will, over time, dwarf those crises and determine how we are governed as a nation. If you care about our precious individual liberties, if women care about pro-choice, if parents care about the environment we leave for our children and grandchildren, then we cannot stand on the sidelines simply cheering or basing Bush and his whole sick entourage. We have to walk the walk and ensure that as many others as we can possibly influence walk the walk so we make this Bush a one term President with a one way ticket to Texas. Every citizen, but especially those of you who are lawyers, must understand the profound historical consequences if we give our Highest Tribunal to right wing fundamentalists. This may well be the most significant issue of the campaign over the long road our country is to travel. Will we move forward or will we turn backwards? We cannot allow this election to be so close as to again be stolen from us. I hope for the strength to carry this battle forward and I hope you too share a vision of a new America and a Supreme Court of which we may be proud for its wisdom and its lack of crackpot ideology. Oil is the blood of victory and we cannot allow the moneyed special interests of the right fool the middle classes as they have in the past and spill their children's blood in a War created out of an unraveling tissue of deceit. If a manufactured fiction of WMD sent us to die in a steaming desert is not enough to arouse your passion for change, then recall in the recesses of your wisdom the future of the Supreme Court of the United States and do not allow it to be filled with the ideological fundamentalist liberty-depriving right of a frightening Bush-Cheney ticket.
Peace. Bill Martin

Marjorie Cohn | Bush's Judges: Right-Wing Ideologues

Pentagon Cell Briefed White House on Iraq's 'Imaginary' al-Qaeda Links

Panel Describes Long Weakening of Hussein Army

Report: Touchscreen Voting Flawed in Florida

Enron Funded Rep. DeLay's Texas Redistricting

Robert Fisk | A History Lesson in Iraq

Greg Palast | George, Give Back the Lay Loot that Bought the White House

Iraq: 'Faulty Intelligence' or Political Manipulation?

Senator Durbin | 'White House Misused Intelligence'

Friday, July 16, 2004

Let Them Have Their Country

A brief encounter with a soldier on leave from Iraq, visiting with her family for two weeks. We couldn't talk in detail as her young children were there. She's stationed North of Baghdad, and said that most Iraqi's are very friendly, that there is a lot of good going on 'even though you don't read about it in the paper; But we need to go home and let them have their country.'

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Just heard on the news that Bush Pioneer and residential favorite, Ken Lay, has been arrested for fraud in the Enron debacle. Looks like Ahnold was meeting with him during the energy 'crisis'.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Lettuce Pray...(Mean Greens)

You may want to think twice before heaping your plate with salad, especially if it's grown in California. What kind of dressing would you like? Will that be the Perchlorate or the Tahini?


Two tons of bombs for one house? So much for 'sovereignty'...

Bush Lauds 'Freedom'

"Two Bush opponents, taken out of the crowd in restraints by police, said they were told they couldn't be there because they were wearing shirts that said they opposed the president."

A Bird In The Hand Worth Two For Bush?...Endangered Species More Endangered Under Bush Administration
More Mean On Green

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