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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Cover Stories 

A Karl Rove or Rove-like creature peddling a back-door smear doesn't make him a source. Miller's real crime is not concealing a source, but burying the story. A reporter should never, ever give notes to a grand jury, but this information is something The Times owes the public, not the prosecutors.

Why didn't The Times run this story? Why not now? Who are they covering for and why?

History Repeats Itself 

We hear, indeed, of the number wounded, but we think but little of their agonies, and deem their wounds of no consequence, so they do not prove mortal, and cause an ultimate diminution of forces…We hear of the sack of a city but if the inhabitants are not absolutely massacred, we feel no further concern on their account.

Mrs. Myra Clarke Gaines 1840

Read At Your Own Risk 

In the USA, the curtain opened on new anti-terror follies Wednesday when three Senate committees, in blustery response to the London bombings, voted to extend the power of the FBI under the Patriot Act to obtain library records without a subpoena. Exactly what suicide bomber or sleeper cell has so far been exposed by this powerful new intelligence weapon, we are not told. Did Osama fail to return his copy of 'Harry Potter'? Or 'Hijacking for Idiots'?

Spotted Today 

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