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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin Crying Wolf 

Palin offered the $150 bounty for wolf paws in 2007 after efforts to kill wolves from airplanes that season were, in her view, coming up short.

For What It's Worth: An Open Letter To John McCain 

You tell a lie and then you flash
that disingenuous smile.
You mock the truth, feed us trash,
Filled with a venomous bile.

Claiming you’re the ‘straight talk express’,
That you’re ‘honorable’ and true,
You spew lies with vindictiveness;
as the ‘Bushies’ did to you.

If you are truly the ‘Maverick
That you keep saying you are,
You wouldn’t have to pull this trick-
Your insults have gone too far.

You say you want to have my vote,
That you’re the one that’s ‘the best’,
And yet, vehemently ‘Swift Boat’,
lying with a frenzied zest.

You continue the song and dance,
Continue to dig the hole-
For what it’s worth, lost any chance
of my support at the poll.

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